Month: July 2021

Learn about our thoughts on measuring responsiveness and give us feedback. Jun 21, 2021 On the Chrome Speed Metrics team, we’re working on deepening our understanding of how quickly web pages respond to user input. We’d like to share some ideas for improving responsiveness metrics and hear your feedback. This post will cover two main Read More

Jun 7, 2021 We frequently write about the bloat on websites from images, and tools like Lighthouse highlight when image loading is having a negative impact on user experience, such as increasing load time, or taking bandwidth away from more important resources. One way to fix this is to use modern compression to reduce the Read More

As a web font loads, you can now adjust its scale, to normalize the document font sizes and prevent layout shift when switching between fonts Jun 9, 2021• Updated Jun 9, 2021 Consider the following demo where the font-size is a consistent 64px, and the only difference between each of these headers is the font-family. Read More

Optimize web fonts for Core Web Vitals. Jun 3, 2021 This article discusses performance best practices for fonts. There are a variety of ways in which web fonts impact performance: Delayed text rendering: If a web font has not loaded, browsers typically delay text rendering. In many situations, this delays First Contentful Paint (FCP). In Read More

A foundational overview of how to establish a dynamic and configurable color scheme Jun 9, 2021 In this post I want to share thinking on ways to manage multiple color schemes in CSS. Try the demo. Demo If you prefer video, here’s a YouTube version of this post: Overview # We’ll build an accessible color Read More

This article will help you understand how Core Web Vitals correlate with key business metrics by exploring examples of companies which have already see positive impact for their users and business. May 18, 2021 Are you struggling to convince your stakeholders to adopt Core Web Vitals? Or are you wondering if it actually helps your Read More

CSS-related techniques for optimizing Web Vitals Jun 2, 2021 The way you write your styles and build layouts can have a major impact on Core Web Vitals. This is particularly true for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). This article covers CSS-related techniques for optimizing Web Vitals. These optimizations are broken down Read More

Learn how to send Web Vitals data to Google Analytics 4 properties and export the data for analysis in BigQuery and Data Studio. May 18, 2021• Updated May 18, 2021 Google provides a number of tools—Search Console, PageSpeed Insights (PSI), and the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX)—that let developers see how their sites perform against Read More

These seemingly small additions to CSS selector syntax are going to have a big impact. May 27, 2021• Updated May 27, 2021 When writing CSS, you can sometimes end up with long selector lists to target multiple elements with the same style rules. For example, if you want to color adjust any tags found inside Read More

Finding opportunities to improve user-experience with Chrome’s web tooling. May 11, 2021 Today, we’ll cover new tooling features in Lighthouse, PageSpeed and DevTools to help identify how your site can improve on the Web Vitals. As a refresher on the tools, Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You Read More