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Finding opportunities to improve user-experience with Chrome’s web tooling. May 11, 2021 Today, we’ll cover new tooling features in Lighthouse, PageSpeed and DevTools to help identify how your site can improve on the Web Vitals. As a refresher on the tools, Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You Read More

Learn how to attribute your Web Vitals data with debug information to help you identify and fix real-user issues with analytics Apr 1, 2021• Updated Apr 1, 2021 Google currently provides two categories of tools to measure and debug Web Vitals: Lab tools: Tools such as Lighthouse, where your page is loaded in a simulated Read More

A new HTTP response header to limit domain-wide scripting and request dedicated resources from the browser. Feb 1, 2021 Origin-Agent-Cluster is a new HTTP response header that instructs the browser to prevent synchronous scripting access between same-site cross-origin pages. Browsers may also use Origin-Agent-Cluster as a hint that your origin should get its own, separate Read More