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Nov 5, 2018 Appears in: Fast load times PRPL is an acronym that describes a pattern used to make web pages load and become interactive, faster: Push (or preload) the most important resources. Render the initial route as soon as possible. Pre-cache remaining assets. Lazy load other routes and non-critical assets. In this guide, learn Read More

How to ensure that the core functionality of your website is always available, accessible, secure, usable, discoverable, and fast. Apr 3, 2020• Updated Apr 6, 2020 This page provides guidance to help ensure your website is available, accessible, secure, and usable for everyone at all times. The guidance on this page comes from a cross-functional Read More

Nov 5, 2018 Appears in: Fast load times Performance is an important part of the user experience and it affects business metrics. It’s tempting to think that if you are a good developer you’ll end up with a performant site, but the truth is that good performance is rarely a side effect. As with most Read More

npm makes adding code to your project a breeze. But are you really using all those extra bytes? Nov 5, 2018 Appears in: Fast load times Registries like npm have transformed the JavaScript world for the better by allowing anyone to easily download and use over half a million public packages. But we often include Read More

Transitions and data protection in CSS Sep 19, 2019 CSS custom properties, also known as CSS variables, let you define your own properties in CSS and use their values throughout your CSS. While incredibly useful today, they have shortcomings that can make them hard to work with: they can take any value so they may Read More

Nov 5, 2018 Appears in: Fast load times Nobody likes waiting. Over 50% of users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Sending large JavaScript payloads impacts the speed of your site significantly. Instead of shipping all the JavaScript to your user as soon as the first page of your Read More

Sep 7, 2019• Updated Sep 24, 2020 Appears in: Safe and secure Mixed content occurs when initial HTML is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection, but other resources (such as images, videos, stylesheets, scripts) are loaded over an insecure HTTP connection. This is called mixed content because both HTTP and HTTPS content are being loaded Read More

Aug 30, 2018• Updated Jun 18, 2020 Appears in: Fast load times The very first question you should ask yourself is whether an image is, in fact, required to achieve the effect you are after. Good design is simple and will also always yield the best performance. If you can eliminate an image resource, which Read More

Sep 7, 2019• Updated Sep 23, 2020 Appears in: Safe and secure Supporting HTTPS for your website is an important step to protecting your site and your users from attack, but mixed content can render that protection useless. Increasingly insecure mixed content will be blocked by browsers, as explained in What is mixed content? In Read More

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