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Finding correlation between site performance and business metrics was the key to driving the success of their optimization efforts. Sep 15, 2021 Swappie is a successful start-up that sells refurbished phones. For a few years they prioritized adding new features over site performance, however when they noticed that business results on the mobile site were Read More

Answers to common questions about SPAs, Core Web Vitals, and Google’s plan to address current measurement limitations. Sep 14, 2021 Since first introducing the Web Vitals initiative in May of 2020, we on the Chrome team have received a lot of great questions and feedback about the program. Perhaps the topic we’ve received the most Read More

Learn why tools that monitor Core Web Vitals metrics may report different numbers, and how to interpret those differences. Aug 17, 2021• Updated Aug 17, 2021 Google provides a number of tools to help site owners monitor their Core Web Vitals scores. These tools fall into two main categories: Tools that report lab data—data collected Read More

Combine Google tools to audit, improve and monitor your website effectively. Aug 9, 2021 With the Core Web Vitals (CWV) metrics now incorporated into Page experience signals, user experience optimization has increasingly become top of mind for website owners. This article will suggest how the various performance-focused tools that Google has made freely available can Read More

Optimize tags and tag managers for Core Web Vitals. Jul 29, 2021 Tags are snippets of third-party code that are inserted into a site, typically via a tag manager. Tags are most commonly used for marketing and analytics. Although tags and third-party scripts are often fundamentally the exact same thing, the separate terminology reflects the Read More

Learnings for adopting the standardized loading attribute Nov 20, 2020• Updated Jul 29, 2021 My goal with this post is to persuade CMS platform developers and contributors (i.e. the people who develop CMS cores) that now is the time to implement support for the browser-level image lazy-loading feature. I’ll also share recommendations on how to Read More

Learn how to avoid sudden layout shifts to improve user-experience May 5, 2020• Updated Aug 17, 2021 “I was about to click that! Why did it move? ?” Layout shifts can be distracting to users. Imagine you’ve started reading an article when all of a sudden elements shift around the page, throwing you off and Read More

The story of what shipped, how the impact was measured, and the tradeoffs that were made. Jun 20, 2019• Updated Oct 29, 2021 Background # Search for just about any topic on Google, and you’re presented with an instantly recognizable page of meaningful, relevant results. What you probably didn’t realize is that this search results Read More

A foundational overview of how to build a responsive and accessible switch component. Aug 11, 2021 In this post I want to share thinking on a way to build switch components. Try the demo. Demo If you prefer video, here’s a YouTube version of this post: Overview # A switch functions similar to a checkbox Read More

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